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Validate Swedish organization numbers

Organisationsnummer is a small open-source project created to validate, format and getting the organization type from swedish organization numbers. Support the project by becoming a backer or sponsor at OpenCollective.

available in:C#,Dart,Go,Java,JavaScript,PHPand forRust.


  • validation
  • formatting
  • organization type
  • vat number

All features might not be implemented in all languages. Full specification can be found here.




short formatn/a
long formatn/a
vat numbern/a

using javascript version 1.1.5

Some implementations may be a work in progress if you find a bug, please open an issue in the specific implementation repository.

If an implementation for your favorite language is missing, feel free to port it over from one of the existing versions. There are still plenty of languages to contribute to: R, Nu, Groovy, Julia, Racket, F#, Clojure, Erlang.

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All organisationsnummer packages are released under the MIT license.

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